November 27, 2003


Dear Prof. Bradley,


We are writing in connection with data and supporting materials developed under National Science Award #:9626833, for which you were lead investigator and which resulted in the collection of proxy series and development of a temperature reconstruction method. Pursuant to section 734 of the Grants Policy Manual of the National Science Foundation or any other applicable authority, we request the following disclosure of data and methods developed under this award:


a)      the list of 159 series, which you recently stated as having been used in the temperature reconstruction. We note that this figure of 159 series has never previously been published.

b)      A copy of the computer program used to effect this reconstruction, together with ancillary *.inf files which were used as input.


We have made a similar request (without citing the above authority) to your coauthor, Professor Mann, who declined to reply beyond making a reference to his University of Virginia FTP site. The above information is not available therein. Item (a) cannot be uniquely identified among the hundreds of files at that site, and item (b) is not there.


Yours truly,


Stephen McIntyre

Ross McKitrick