November 12, 2003


Dear Mr. McIntyre,

There seems to be some confusion on your part regarding the public posting of the MBH98 data.

All of the data used by MBH98 have been available in plain ASCII format on this public ftp site

They have been available in the various clearly indicated sub-directories, back through at least summer 2002 according to the dates on those directories. This includes all 159 predictors used by MBH98 back to AD 1400 *and* all of the proxy data that go into those indicators.

When I sent you the below email message on 4/9/2003, it was my expectation that you would go to that ftp site to get the individual data series in question.  I was not party to the various emails you and Scott Rutherford exchanged regarding alternative versions of the dataset  that he prepared, though I am told he offered you all of the proxy data, and you instead preferred a dataset of 112 proxy indicators (that is the number of indicators available  back to 1820).

With regard to the latest changes made by Scott on the ftp site, I believe this was to replace the incorrect spreadsheet version of the data that had been posted previously with a corrected version, so that people do not continue to download an incorrect version of the data set.

To reiterate once last time, the original data that you requested before and now request again are all on the indicated ftp site, in the indicated directories, and have been there since at least 2002. I therefore trust you should have no problem acquiring the data you now seek.

Mike Mann